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NOV 25


Creating an agile and resilient supply chain and procurement 

Keywords: Corona, Agile businesses, Risk Management, Resilience, Changes, Disruption, Collaboration

Technology in Supply Chain Resilience and Effective Risk Management

  • Discoveries from disruption: Overcoming the vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic and what corona thought

  • leverage technology to manage risk and protect your organisation

  • Strategies for Risk-Proofing Your Supply and Logistics


Time to shine: the heroes in Supply chain ja procurement

  • How the professionals in the supply chain and procurement saved the day during pandemic

  • Supply chain and procurement from backoffice to making direct impact to customer service and bring value 

  • procurement and supply functions take on a broader and deeper set of strategic responsibilities than ever before


Agile operating model in procurement


  • Enabling user friendly processes, policies and procedures

  • Updated integrated technology and systems with streamline processes

  • Automation, digitization, analytics: fundamentally changing procurement


Collaboration in procurement management, the CPO and CFO relationship

  • Shared agenda to influence enterprise-wide activities, important partnership

  • Improved visibility: more disciplined and accurate corporate performance management. Enhanced reporting and leverage from both sides advanced data analytics, deeper insights into key performance metrics become a performance differentiation

  • Less iterative, sequential planning to Increased efficiency and higher impact– allowing decisions to be made faster and more effectively


Smart strategies to meet future needs of customer centricity, workforce and sustainability 

Keywords: People, Future workforce, Customer centricity, Values, Value chain, Sustainability

Sustainability through the supply chain

  • Increase both top and the bottom line by leveraging sustainable solutions

  • Building a business case out of customer expectations 

  • Sustainability through the whole process - from procurement to recycling


Smart and sustainable transportation

  • Affecting trends like Mobility, Autonomous trucks and Autonomous Vehicles, Drone Technology, Crowd shipping

  • IoT ecosystems in transportation

  • Seamless Transportation Management Processes 


Customer centric supply

  • Critically assess if your supply chain delivers on customer needs, including delivery times, optionality and overcomes urban bottlenecks

  • Overlay cognitive technology to leverage automation processes in the last mile

  • Ensure each delivery is localized or tailored to optimize customer experience


Designing a Talent Strategy for Supply Chain and procurement

  • An augmented set of skills is needed for the future of procurement: hire talent with 21st century skills, such as analytics fluency, design thinking, and agility

combined with being empathetic

  • Training and education supporting the new talents needed

  • Cross-functional expertise, improved business acumen, and negotiation readiness


Digitally enabled practices through the supply chain

Keywords: Internet Of Things, 3D, Blockchain, AI, Robotics, automation, Optimization, Reducing costs, Data, Technology, Optimization, Transformation, Efficiency, Visibility, Transparency

From linear supply chain to dynamic network

  • transforming traditional, linear supply chains into connected, intelligent, scalable and customizable digital supply networks

  • functional silos are broken down both within an organization as well as outward to include customers and suppliers for enable end-to-end visibility, collaboration, responsiveness, agility and optimization

  • the networking of logistics processes, provides more transparency in the supply and dispatch chains and thus improves supply chain management


The Value of Robotics and Automation in the Warehouse

  • Automated Warehousing, Dark Factories / “lights-out warehouses,” which operate with no humans present

  • Inventory Management and demand planning with technology

  • Testing out scenarios on the digital before moving physically to reality


Digitally enabled visibility to maximize supply chain performance

  • Digital developments and applications of data will enable business to drive synchronised decision making and successes across the entire value chain

  • build an implementable integration strategy by overlaying cognitive technology to connect your physical and digital supply chain

  • Use data to achieve interoperability across your network to benefit real-time visibility with a fully orchestrated system


Smart tracking, planning and inventory management

  • Product Tracking Traceability in removing logistics blind spots: track cargo in transit in real-time to improve visibility of the moment of goods

  • Explore how AI can enhance sensors to intelligently analyze productivity and unify disjointed processes, including the implementation of dashboards to demonstrate the output

  • Look upstream to detect deteriorated product quality and maximum product availability early to optimize inventory levels and working capital

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